Information about CLEACD

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 CLEACD     V7.13   (202307140048)

   The Command Line Editor ACD

 CLEACD is a Command Line Editor ACD.
 The fact that is an ACD, and not a task, means that it is hooked
 into the terminal driver, and is always available.
 There are two variants with different key bindings:
 EMAACD - Emacs style key bindings
 EDTACD - EDT style key bindings

 In addition, there is EXP.TSK, which is a companion task
 that can be installed, and which will then give filename
 expansion on the CLI command lines.

 EDTACD is installed as ACD #2 (CLE$EDT)
 EMAACD is installed as ACD #4 (CLE$EMACS)

 See the help for the ACD command for more information.

 (Package source is MIM::DU0:[OLDCLE])