List of existing RPM packages for RSX-11M-PLUS

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>; Pkg        Ver     Desc
>; System tools
>; RPM        Y0.49   The RSX Packet Manager
>; SWATCH     V01.01  Stop watch for commands
>; VTL        V01.0   Virtual Terminal Log utility
>; USH        X0.2    Unix shell like pipes
>; ERR        X0.4    Display error messages based on codes
>; DDB        X0.10   DECnet nodename database lookup commandline tool
>; RTEM       V1.00E  RT-11 emulator for RSX
>; SYSGEN     V1.1    Tool to show standard CSR and vectors
>; TECKEN     X0.0    Simple input character analysis tool
>; TZ         V1.8    Time Zone management for RSX.
>; CONFIG     X0.5    Simple system configuration tool for RSX.
>; TRD        X0.12   DECnet trace route
>; FINGER     V3.4    FINGER utility for RSX
>; Networking
>; TCPIP      V2.16   TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS
>; TTCPIP     Y2.17   Development version of TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS
>; KERMIT     T3.63   The KERMIT file transfer program
>; Compilers and runtime libraries
>; C          V1.2    PDP-11 C compiler
>; CRTL       V1.2    PDP-11 C runtime library
>; F77        T5.4    FORTRAN-77 compiler
>; F77RTL     V5.4    FORTRAN-77 runtime library
>; BP2        V2.7C   BASIC+2 compiler and interactive environment
>; BP2RTL     V2.7C   BASIC+2 runtime library
>; C81        V3.1    COBOL-81 compiler
>; C81RTL     V3.1    COBOL-81 runtime library
>; PAS        2.1E    The Oregon Pascal-2 compiler
>; BCPL       BCPL04  The DECUS BCPL compiler
>; FORTH      V1.3.3  FORTH language for RSX-11M-PLUS
>; XLISP      V1.7B   Experimental object oriented language based on LISP
>; APL        V2.2.2  APL-11 language interpreter
>; RTL2       VSN10A  Real Time Language
>; DIBOL      V1.4    DIBOL-83 compiler
>; RATFIV     04MAR   Structured FORTRAN preprocessor
>; BASIC11    V02-01  BASIC-11 interpreter.
>; Development tools
>; MKE        1.34    The Unix-like make tool
>; DBG        T2.2.1  PDP-11 Symbolic Debugger
>; ORCAM      V01.7   Object file disassembler
>; DOB        V2.2    Object file disassembler
>; TIN        V1.8    Task INformation tool
>; SYM        V1.1    Examine symbols in OBJ and STB files
>; OBD        V1.17   Object file dump/disassemble
>; VER        V1.1    Task version check tool
>; Utilities/libraries
>; DTR        V03.03  DATATRIEVE-11 for RSX
>; SORT       V3.0    SORT/MERGE for RSX
>; FMS        V02.2B  FMS-11 for RSX
>; CURSES     V1.0    A Unix compatible curses library for PDP-11 C
>; Editors
>; TECO       V40.00  The Text Editor and COrrector (and language)
>; NEMA       Y0.37   The small portable Emacs-compatible editor
>; CLEACD     V7.13   The Command Line Editor ACD
>; EDIT       X0.1    Configurable EDITOR relay
>; KED        KEDPAT  Keypad editor for RSX
>; File manipulation
>; SRD        6.9.2   The DECUS directory maintenance tool
>; ATT        V01     File attribute manipulation tool
>; MAP        V01.08  Show file mapping information
>; COD        V1.5    File encoder/decoder
>; Text manipulation
>; GREP       000007  Tool to search through text files
>; MORE       2.18    Interactive text file viewer (VTL)
>; NTAIL      X0.5    Text file tail printout
>; RNO        2000.2  The BONNER Lab RUNOFF document processor
>; Command line interpreters
>; CCL        V9.3    User configurable Command Line Interpreter
>; Games
>; ZEMU       V1.25   The Z-machine emulator
>; DUNGEON    V3.2C   The classic dungeon
>; ADVENT     03MAR   The classic adventure game
>; MILLE      V1.11   The Mille Bournes card game
>; TREK       V3.0    A Star Trek inspired game
>; LEM        X0.1    A lunar lander simulator
>; CHESS      V001I   Chess game
>; BACKGAM    X0.2    Backgammon game
>; MTREK      05MAR   Multi-User Star Trek game