List of existing RPM packages for RSX-11M-PLUS

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 Pkg        Ver     Desc

 System tools

 RPM        Y0.44   The RSX Packet Manager
 SWATCH     V01.01  Stop watch for commands
 VTL        V01.0   Virtual Terminal Log utility
 USH        X0.2    Unix shell like pipes
 ERR        X0.4    Display error messages based on codes
 DDB        X0.9    DECnet nodename database lookup commandline tool
 RTEM       V1.00E  RT-11 emulator for RSX
 SYSGEN     V1.1    Tool to show standard CSR and vectors
 TECKEN     X0.0    Simple input character analysis tool
 TZ         V1.6    Time Zone management for RSX.
 CONFIG     X0.2    Simple system configuration tool for RSX.


 TCPIP      V2.15   TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS
 TTCPIP     Y2.16   Development version of TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS
 KERMIT     T3.63   The KERMIT file transfer program

 Compilers and runtime libraries

 C          V1.2    PDP-11 C compiler
 CRTL       V1.2    PDP-11 C runtime library
 F77        T5.4    FORTRAN-77 compiler
 F77RTL     V5.4    FORTRAN-77 runtime library
 BP2        V2.7C   BASIC+2 compiler and interactive environment
 BP2RTL     V2.7C   BASIC+2 runtime library
 C81        V3.1    COBOL-81 compiler
 C81RTL     V3.1    COBOL-81 runtime library
 PAS        2.1E    The Oregon Pascal-2 compiler
 BCPL       BCPL04  The DECUS BCPL compiler
 FORTH      V1.3.3  FORTH language for RSX-11M-PLUS
 XLISP      V1.7B   Experimental object oriented language based on LISP
 APL        V2.2    APL-11 language interpreter
 RTL2       VSN10A  Real Time Language
 DIBOL      V1.4    DIBOL-83 compiler
 RATFIV     04MAR   Structured FORTRAN preprocessor

 Development tools

 MKE        V1.33   The Unix-like make tool
 DBG        T2.2.1  PDP-11 Symbolic Debugger
 ORCAM      V01.7   Object file disassembler
 DOB        V2.2    Object file disassembler
 TIN        V1.8    Task INformation tool
 SYM        V1.1    Examine symbols in OBJ and STB files
 OBD        V1.17   Object file dump/disassemble
 VER        V1.1    Task version check tool


 DTR        V03.03  DATATRIEVE-11 for RSX
 SORT       V3.0    SORT/MERGE for RSX
 FMS        V02.2B  FMS-11 for RSX
 CURSES     V1.0    A Unix compatible curses library for PDP-11 C


 TECO       V40.00  The Text Editor and COrrector (and language)
 NEMA       Y0.37   The small portable Emacs-compatible editor
 CLEACD     V7.13   The Command Line Editor ACD
 EDIT       X0.1    Configurable EDITOR relay
 KED        KEDPAT  Keypad editor for RSX

 File manipulation

 SRD        6.9.2   The DECUS directory maintenance tool
 ATT        V01     File attribute manipulation tool
 MAP        V01.08  Show file mapping information
 COD        V1.5    File encoder/decoder

 Text manipulation

 GREP       000007  Tool to search through text files
 MORE       2.18    Interactive text file viewer (VTL)
 NTAIL      X0.4    Text file tail printout
 RNO        2000.2  The BONNER Lab RUNOFF document processor

 Command line interpreters

 CCL        V9.3    User configurable Command Line Interpreter


 ZEMU       V1.25   The Z-machine emulator
 DUNGEON    V3.2C   The classic dungeon
 ADVENT     03MAR   The classic adventure game
 MILLE      V1.11   The Mille Bournes card game
 TREK       V3.0    A Star Trek inspired game
 LEM        X0.1    A lunar lander simulator
 CHESS      V001I   Chess game
 BACKGAM    X0.2    Backgammon game
 MTREK      05MAR   Multi-User Star Trek game