This is a short page to show HTTP on RSX, as well as some basic HECnet info

This is the first web page of the BQT WEB server running BQTCP/IP on RSX-11M-PLUS V4.6

This web server was written by Johnny Billquist, and it runs on an emulated PDP-11/74 (under E11). The web server is written in BASIC+2 V2.7, and it uses the TCP/IP stack also written by Johnny Billquist. There is a second web page here as well.

The TCP/IP stack itself is written in MACRO-11, and libraries exist for writing software in both MACRO-11, PDP-11 C, FORTRAN 77, BASIC+2 and other languages on the PDP-11. The TCP/IP stack itself appears as a number of devices in RSX, and access to TCP can also be done though the normal command line tools available in RSX.

Here is a pretty picture of the kind of machine serving this page.

Another fun thing is CGI, for which I have created a testpage.

There is also a second page with some CGI demo code.

There exist one other (known) machine on the internet serving web pages, that is also PDP-11-based, and that is

Here is a link to the sources of this webserver.

A couple of services on this machine:

For more information, please mail webmaster.